SEO promotion for the US and European markets for Truffle Bee

Task No. 1: SEO promotion for the US and European markets

  • We have assembled a semantic core for the US and EU markets;
  • Preparation of technical specifications for the creation of new pages;
  • Writing texts for new and old site pages;
  • Getting links from social networks;
  • Getting links from profiles;
  • Getting links from blogs;
  • Getting links from trust sites;
  • Getting links from Pinterest;
  • Analysis of the competitors' reference profile;
  • Creating a structure for new pages;
Track positions,

Task No. 2: Setting up Analytics and E-com Google Analytics

  • Installing the Google Analytics tag;
  • Setting up Google Analytics: intermediate conversions, e-commerce goals;
  • Importing expenses from Google Adwords;
  • Google Adwords → Google Analytics goal transfer;

Task No. 3: Maintaining monthly statistics on competitor traffic

  • Determining the list of competitors by country;
  • Parsing of competitors' keywords;
  • Generating a report;
Competitors traffic report
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